Insight, experience and technology, enables us to offer value services to our customers in the energy business to optimise their process. Key to this is our close association with world class principals, with whom we work closely and transparently to bring the best of the latest technological solutions to our esteemed customers.

Gas Sweetening Solutions

We offer wide range of acid gas removal solvents and specialised services as per customer needs. The removal of sour or acid gas components such as H2S(hydrogen sulphide) and CO2(carbon dioxide) from gas streams is a common process known as acid gas removal or gas sweetening. These impurities have to be removed for a variety of reasons : toxicity(H2S), corrosiveness of the gas, low calorific value, potential damage to the environment, or other reasons depending on the application of the gas. Amines enable efficient removal of acid gases with minimal absorption of inert components including hydrocarbons, hydrogen and nitrogen. We represent one of the leading and globally renowned manufacture in this field and assist our customers with the selection of the amine or combinations of amines and plant design so that the acid gas removal system is optimised.

Reclamation Services

We offer technologically advanced reclamation services for the energy industry and serve the oil and gas markets( gas processing, oil refining, petrochemical complex, synthesis gas and steel industry ). The technologies are utilized in removing contaminants from amine, solvent, glycol and sulfolane systems. We offer several contaminant removal processes to alleviate foaming, corrosion, solids, degradation, plugging and capacity problems .
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